Juicing for Weight Loss: How it Works

centro-cirugia-san-jose-clinica-tachira-colon-Jugo-de-piña-naranja-y-perejil-para-desintoxicar-el-cuerpoWith obesity in the forefront of many people’s minds, and among top newspaper articles, television broadcasts, and even web articles it is no wonder that so many people are attempting to get on the healthy living band wagon. However, there is a new craze in town. A craze that has caught the public’s attention and that has taken the Internet by storm. With many people not getting enough fruits and vegetables in their daily lives this craze has helped them better incorporate them into their diets. Juicing recipes can be found everywhere these days. Various combinations are fruits and vegetables are mixed together in hopes of being a boost to one’s health or to even help with weight loss.

This new way of consuming vital nutrients is becoming ever so popular due to the fact that it has been said that when juiced rather than prepared other ways, the foods are able to retain up to 95% of their nutrients. This allows the body to get total benefits of the nutrients contained in the foods rather than partial amounts. This helps cut back on the consumption of additional calories as less food has to be consumed in order to get the daily recommended value of nutrients.

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Juicing for weight loss has become one of the top reasons people have begun juicing vegetables. While people have been juicing fruites such as oranges, lemons, and pineapples for years, juicing vegetables has not been as common. Both fruits and vegetables can be combined into many juicing recipes.  Juicing oranges and lemons is a great way to add Vitamin C to your diet.  If you want to make sure that you are getting lots of Vitamin C I would visit: http://goldentigerlipids.com/lyvic.html

They have Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C which is much more concentrated and effective at being absorbed (used) by the body than taking normal tablets.

For the beginner juicer it is important to learn the proper way to prepare fruits and vegetables. It is necessary to use the same caution in preparing juicing recipes as it is any other food. It is necessary to insure the produce has been properly cleaned and has not gone bad. It is also a good idea to make sure the juicer has also been cleaned properly. Poor preparation can sometimes lead to illnesses such as food poisoning.

Health experts have confirmed that is done properly and combined with a balanced diet and exercise, juicing fruits and vegetable can aid in losing weight. It is, however, important to understand that this is not a quick fix or magic potion that drops pounds quick with little or no effort. It is simply an alternative way to get the daily recommended nutrients into the body and this will aid in making the body more healthy.

It is also good to note that this is a good way to jump start a diet. Some avid juicers boast of losing up to a pound a day when using juicing recipes for weight loss in conjunction with a balanced diet.

When creating your own juicing recipes it is important to note that most fruits are already naturally sweet. However, most vegetables are not. For this reason, many juicers like to combine to two so they are getting the benefits of both while not having to add addition sweeter to juiced vegetables.

Juiced fruits and vegetables are often combined with other ingredients such as fat free yogurt, low fat milk, flaxseed, or even store bought orange juice to create smoothies. Smoothies are a great way to add valuable nutrients to a picky eater’s diet. Spinach and kale can often be added undetected to a fruit smoothie. Many times parents use this tactic to get much needed vitamins into their picky, hard to please children.

Once a juicer tries several recipes, she will quickly learn which fruits create what type of flavor. She will learn that an apple or pear will add a bit of a tang, while pineapple with add more of a sweet flavor. Creating recipes suitable to one’s taste gets easier as more juicing is done.

Juicing is a very beneficial way to get added nutrients to the body, however people need to know that it is not a fix all solution. Juicing, only when combined with a balanced diet and daily exercise will lead to the weight loss so many wish to obtain.